A gift for the world, and a treasure for future generations

Imagine if we had been able to capture the great saints on film. Imagine if there were a collection that recorded the words and actions of St Francis, St John or St Paul Today, every frame of film and every word they spoke would be priceless and preserved at all costs. For one the first times in history such a collection exists on one of the most beloved Saints of our time: St. Teresa of Calcutta. This unprecedented collection comes from the Emmy Award filmmakers Ann & Jeanette Petrie who over several years filmed Mother Teresa on 4 continents 10 countries and 25 locations. The collection consists of 100 hours of 16mm raw negative. 100 hours of recorded Audio and 50 hours of video on or about St. Teresa of Calcutta.

However, in its present format (Film Negative & video) this collection cannot be viewed, is not searchable or accessible, it will degenerate and be lost to future generations.

MOTHER TERESA: LOVE IN ACTION is a preservation project that will utilize best in class digital technology to preserve all 250 hours, and will protect the integrity and authenticity of Mother Teresa’s words and actions and in multiple platforms make them accessible to the world now, and for future generations. This includes:

  1. Scanning and digitizing all raw negative film frame by frame, (24 frames per second) digitizing all audio and video, synchronizing picture to sound, and color correction.
  2. Creating Digital Asset Management system, a secure environment, and Meta-Data, on all 250 hours, with technical description, and time code, including Who- What- Where- When cataloging, making the entire collection searchable and accessible.

Upon its completion, this collection will be a Sacred Treasure with multiple formats and infinite possibilities to inspire, educate, and impact all future generations, as did Mother Teresa in her lifetime.

All of the assets will be placed into THE MOTHER TERESA FILM TRUST, a 501c-3 charitable trust in perpetuity, being crated by the law firm LATHAM & WATKINS, The tenants of the TRUST will ensure that that all usage and licensing be in accordance with the spirit of Mother Teresa

As one theologian stated, “This historical documentary record in film of Saint Teresa in her own person offers a unique opportunity for the future church and the entire world to observe and marvel at the sanctity of a living saint. No longer a record that must only be read in a book, or dramatized by actors, we have here a Saint’s voice and living presence captured in film, to be made available to future generations.”